Swimming for Adults 6/18-6/28

Event Name:  Swimming for Adults 6/18-6/28
Location:  Anderson Mill Pool
Date(s):  Jun 18-28, 2012
Time:  Starts: 6:00 PM   Ends: 7:00 PM

Swimming for Adults- at Anderson Mill Pool (Anderson Mill Pool is located at Schoolhouse & Lakecreek Pkwy.)
This class offers swimming instruction for persons interested in improving their skills and endurance in preparation for competitive events. This
class is also good for persons interested in swimming for fitness. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels welcome. No classes are held
on the 4th of July. Ages 18+

Course       Level        Dates            Days &Times                   Fees :
# 272.12      Beginner   6/18-6/28      Mon -Thur (6 - 6:30pm)      $50
# 273.12      Interm        6/18-6/28      Mon -Thur (6:30 -7pm)       $50

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