Swim Lessons 6/18-6/28 Evening

Event Name:  Swim Lessons 6/18-6/28 Evening
Location:  Anderson Mill Pool
Date(s):  Jun 18-28, 2012
Time:  Starts: 6:00 PM   Ends: 7:00 PM

The Anderson Mill Learn to Swim Program is committed to providing a high quality swim lesson program through:
- Trained and experienced instructors.
- Low student/teacher ratios.
These courses cover many challenging skills. Learning to swim is a lifesaving skill and lesson. Overcoming fear of the water is the main emphasis of the beginner classes and may take time. Complete mastery of any level may require that students take the courses more than once and practice frequently outside of class time under adult supervision.

Monday - Thursday (2 weeks, 8 classes) ~ Fee: $45(res) $55(non-res)
For more information call the Community Center Office: 512-258-4104
For a class registration form turn to page 32.
To register on-line at no additional charge, go to www.amld.org. Swim Lessons are 25 minutes long ~ Diving Lessons are 60 minutes long


Level     6/18-6/28 Time Course #
Beginner 6:00pm
Advanced Beginner 6:00pm
Intermediate 6:00pm

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